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Rice Production

Rice is grown in more than a hundred countries, with a total harvested area of approximately 158 million hectares, producing more than 700 million tons annually (470 million tons of milled rice). Nearly 640 million tons of rice are grown in Asia, representing 90% of global production. Sub-Saharan Africa produces about 19 million tons and Latin America some 25 […]


How to cultivate rice?

Rice is the main staple food in Asia, where about 90% of the world’s rice is produced and consumed. China is the world’s biggest producer, growing one-third of Asia’s total on 29 million ha (Table 1.1). India produces nearly a quarter on 43 million ha. Other top rice-producing countries in Asia are mentioned in table […]


Rice and it’s nutritional values

Rice is a starchy grain used as a staple ingredient by more than half the world’s population largely due to its versatility, availability, and ability to adapt to any flavor and seasoning. Rice has a chewiness and soft texture that adds substance to meals and complements many cuisines. There are many different types of rice […]